Month: January 2017

Colfax Creek Acquires Tool-Mod

BIRMINGHAM, MI – Colfax Creek Capital (Colfax Creek), a private investment firm focused on “smaller’ middle market companies, has partnered with the principals of Die Life Systems of Minneapolis, MN to launch Tool-Mod.  Tool-Mod’s proprietary process extends the useful life of die cast tools when serviced at regular intervals (usually 20,000 to 30,000 cycles). The process will also treat cracks of previously heat checked tools without adding material or changing the dimensions. The tool will exhibit less soldering with better oil retention, better casting fill, and slower gate degradation. Colfax Creek’s investment will support the acquisition of Tool-Mod and the company’s growth initiatives as it expands into regional markets.

“Tool-Mod’s service is been used for years to close up surface cracks and to prolong tooling life which reduces the need for costly tooling replacement,” said Jason Duzan, at Colfax Creek. “I am excited to partner with the principals of Die Life to relaunch the business across the US.”

About Colfax Creek Capital

Colfax Creek Capital takes a long-term approach to investing in “smaller” middle market companies by building relationships with business owners and management teams to focus our capital and resources to create lasting value and a shared purpose.  Colfax Creek’s investment focus includes Midwestern companies in consumer product, service and industrial sectors.  Colfax Creek is based in Birmingham, MI. For more information visit:

About Tool-Mod

Based in Michigan, Tool-Mod is a tool and die restoration specialist and maintenance service company. With a maintenance program, Tool-Mod’s proprietary process extends the tool’s life up to 35% longer while producing better parts with less scrap. For more information visit:

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