Month: December 2017

GLE Precision to Expand its Board of Directors

Colfax Creek acquired GLE Precision in 2015. Over the last two and half years, GLE has exceeded its growth objectives.  In addition, the Company has developed new precision manufacturing capabilities to serve cutting-edge customers and industries, particularly in the medical device, fiber optic, and aerospace markets. As a result, GLE is seeking to add one new member to its Board of Directors to assist and guide the company in its sales and marketing initiatives.

New Board of Directors Candidate Guidelines (not rules):
      1. Current or Retired CEO, COO, or VP-Sales & Marketing
      2. Technical sales and marketing skill set and experience
      3. Manufacturing and/or industrial service experience
      4. Relationships in any of the following market segments:
        • Medical Devices
        • Fiber Optic
        • Aerospace
        • Computer Chip
      1. No Jerk Rule – chemistry with management and fellow board members is critical
      2. Time to Commit – typically monthly calls and quarterly in-person board meetings
      3. Greater Michigan location – accessible to Bridgeport, Michigan
      4. Relationship focused – preference for referred candidates
Please contact Colfax Creek at to refer a Board of Directors candidate.

About Colfax Creek Capital

Based in Birmingham, Michigan, Colfax Creek is a private investment firm that invests in “smaller” middle market companies.  The firm focuses on consumer product, service, and industrial companies with EBITDA from $2 million to $7 million in the Great Lake States. Colfax Creek brings its investment expertise and collaboration with operating executives and entrepreneurs to build long-term businesses.  Jason Duzan, the principal of Colfax Creek, has invested in middle market companies for twenty years — leading or co-leading nearly two billion in private investment transactions in consumer, service, and industrial companies. We develop relationships with business owners and management and focus our capital and resources with a shared purpose of creating lasting value. For more information visit:

About GLE Precision

Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Bridgeport, Michigan, GLE Precision is a manufacturer of extremely high precision products, when gage tolerances, wear properties, and high finishes are critical. GLE Precision is a global leader in tungsten carbide machining, ceramic machining, and other hard exotic materials machined to customer specifications. Its products serve the waterjet, medical device, chip/tech, aerospace,  fiber optic markets and a broad range of other applications for some of the most recognizable companies in the world such as Johnson & Johnson, Emerson, IBM, and Bosch. For more information visit:

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